As a magician during these times, I am facing many challenges and changes that I am adapting to. Most magicians including myself are used to performing in front of live audiences.  However, because of social distancing that is no longer the case. Not being able to perform is not as bad for me unlike other magicians since I am only 13 and have no bills to pay. Although these past few weeks have been difficult for the magic community, there is always a silver lining and that is what I am here to talk about. The two best things that I would say have come from this pandemic is the amount of time I have to learn and practice magic, and the new ways I have learned to connect with people and share my magic through technology.

Magic Community Comes Together

Since my school has closed, I have had much more time to focus on my magic. The magic community has united during this pandemic and have provided many resources to help me learn and improve as a magician. My dad and I often watch lectures on Facebook by the IBM (The International Brotherhood of Magicians) and Kidabra. They are 2 great organizations for magicians, and they have many members who share their ideas and experience. I have recently learned some amazing card tricks from a lecture hosted by Jon Armstrong who appeared on Penn and Teller – Fool Us. I have also got ideas about comedy, presentation, and marketing.

Magic Moves Online

Another thing many magicians have started talking about is sharing their magic online. I have started bringing my business online and have done several online shows. I have gone live on Facebook and performed shows using Zoon. I am keeping many of the same illusions as I do in a live show and I have also added new tricks that are more appropriate for online. My shows are very interactive. I believe that is one of the most important parts of a good performance, especially when performing for children.

It is difficult to have interaction and volunteers when you are performing for people through a screen but, I have adapted my shows to keep a high level of audience interaction. I have received very positive comments from people about the way I get the kids to interact by doing things like yelling magic words or using their fingers as a magic wand to help me do tricks.

Contact The Great Arjunia

Until the Covid-19 emergency is over, I will continue performing my magic shows online, and I have a feeling that even after the emergency the online trend will continue. If you have a special occasion such as a child’s birthday coming up, why not have an online birthday party and magic show? Please contact me if you would like an online magic show.